Flexible Work & Sustainability

At the request of former Chancellor Nancy Cantor, a committee was assembled in July 2008 and was charged to consider a four-day work week and other flexible work schedule options that respond to sustainability principles and the high price of gas. This exploration has resulted in a new process in which managers and supervisors are expected to consider the possibilities for such modified work schedules within their areas, in discussion with their staff.

Current policy and practice for flexible work at SU have demonstrated that a variety of options can work for both employees and the University, although not for every employee, or every job, or every department.

The committee determined that the following concepts that contain a sustainability component will work in general in a wide variety of areas.

  • Compressed work week (4/40 or 4/37.5)
  • Telecommuting work week
  • Combination work week

Managers and supervisors are not limited to these three options and are encouraged to consider other creative solutions particular to their areas. In addition, while the academic year in most cases requires some manner of full-time coverage, this does not necessarily mean everyone has to be physically on site five (or more) days per week. And, in some areas, there may be greater flexibility for modifications to the summer work schedule versus the academic year work schedule.

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