Pay Bands for Staff Positions

The broad pay bands that correspond to the staff job categories have been designed to allow considerable flexibility in managing pay, while maintaining market-competitive pay opportunities. The pay bands are broad enough to support pay decisions in a wide variety of circumstances. Therefore, it is SU’s policy that no staff member will be paid below the minimum or above the maximum of the pay band. There will be no exceptions made for paying below the minimum.

Please note that while most positions fall within a pay band, the majority of positions do not have a pay range that truly spans the whole category.  The majority of positions have a more focused range that is based on position reviews with internal and external components.

Job Category Pay Bands For Staff Positions – 2016-2017

Image of Salary Pay Bands - click to download PDF/printable version

Note: Effective 12/31/2015, the minimum salary that may be paid to an exempt staff position per New York State law is $675 per week, regardless of the number of hours worked. This equates to $1,462.50 semi-monthly and $35,100 per year.