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Syracuse University has a proud tradition of welcoming international faculty, staff, and visiting scholars from around the world who enliven our community and enrich our scholarship. The International Employment Office is pleased to support these scholars and their hiring or host departments by assisting with immigration-related matters and providing information to help scholars and their families settle into Syracuse University and the surrounding community.

Types of Visas Sponsored for International Professors, Researchers, and Specialized Staff Positions

The International Employment Office (IEO), in consultation with the Syracuse University host department, will determine appropriate immigration status for your employment at Syracuse University. The International Employment Office (IEO) will work with the academic Department to facilitate an initial visa sponsorship petition or, for individuals currently hosted or employed by Syracuse University, extension of stay. For specific information about the visa categories commonly sponsored by Syracuse University please select from the categories below:

    • H-1B Temporary Workers: Syracuse University sponsors individuals for H-1B status for “specialty occupations” at the University. Typically, H-1B sponsorship is used for tenure-track faculty, teaching and some staff positions.
    • O-1 Persons of Extraordinary Ability: Syracuse University will sponsor an individual for O-1 status when the individual’s credentials establish extraordinary ability in the sciences, arts, education, business, or athletics.
    • TN Mexican and Canadian NAFTA Professional Workers: TN status is available only to Canadian or Mexican citizens for particular professions listed in Appendix 1603.D.1 of NAFTA. At Syracuse University, TN is used for teaching and some staff positions.
    • Permanent Residents: Syracuse University may sponsor faculty and some staff for permanent residency in one of three employment-based permanent residency categories: EB-1 for outstanding teaching and research; EB-2 for advanced degree professionals; and EB-3 for skilled workers.
    • J-1 Exchange Visitors: This is the most common status used for visiting professors and researchers at Syracuse University. J-1 Exchange visitors can be short- or long-term visiting appointments for teaching, research and training. J-1 status cannot be used for tenure track appointments. For information on Syracuse University’s J-1 program please contact the Slutzker Center at (315) 443-2457 or at
    • Honoraria—Guest Lecturers & Contractors: When hosting an international guest lecturer or contractor who will perform services within the United States, Syracuse University is limited by very specific regulations from the Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Labor regarding payment and honoraria. Please contact the International Employment Office prior to extending an invitation so we can help the department determine who is eligible to be paid.

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