HR Policies and Procedures

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Description Policy Procedure Form
Access to HR Data
Adoption Assistance
Approval of Non-Faculty Positions and Searches
Benefits Eligibility
Education Benefits, Dependent Tuition
Education Benefits, Remitted Tuition
Education Benefits, Supplemental Dependent Tuition
Employee Anti-Drug and Alcohol Abuse
Employment of Minors
Family and Medical Leave (FMLA), Compliance With
Flexible Work
Games of Chance, Prohibition of
HIPAA, Compliance with Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act
ID Card
Leave, Court and Jury Duty
Leave, Expanded for Public Service Activities in Times of War/National Emergencies
Leave, Expanded Funeral/Bereavement in Times of War/National Emergencies
Leave, Faculty Parental
Description Policy Procedures Forms
Leave, Faculty Research and Administrative
Leave, Funeral/Bereavement
Leave, Military
Leave, Personal and Educational
Leave, Sick Time for Immediate Family Illness – Exempt Staff
Leave, Sick Time for Personal or Immediate Family Illness – Non-exempt Staff
Leave, Volunteer Emergency Service Activities
New York State Disability Benefits and the Syracuse University Disability Benefits Plan
New York State Workers’ Compensation
No Solicitation of or Distribution to Employees
Non-Discrimination and Anti-Harassment in Employment
Non-Discrimination and Equal Opportunity Policy Statement
Non-Discrimination in Employment on the Basis of Disability
Nursing Mothers in the Workplace
Outside Professional Consulting by Non-Faculty Employees
Paid Time Off, Break Time
Description Policy Procedures Forms
Paid Time Off, Floating Holidays
Paid Time Off, General Provisions for Staff Employees
Paid Time Off, Personal Business Days for Benefits Eligible Non-exempt Staff Employees
Paid Time Off, University and Bonus Holidays
Paid Time Off, Vacation
Reasonable Accommodation
Sexual Harassment Prevention
Smoke-Free Workplace
Staff Complaint Process
Staff Employee Handbook
Staff Employee Workplace Standard
Syracuse University Computing and Electronic Communications
Syracuse University Disability Benefits Policy
Termination and Severance
Voluntary Phased Retirement Program for Tenured Faculty