HR Policies and Procedures

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Description Policy Procedure Form
Access to HR Data -
Adoption Assistance
Approval of Non-Faculty Positions and Searches -
Benefits Eligibility - -
Education Benefits, Dependent Tuition
Education Benefits, Remitted Tuition
Education Benefits, Supplemental Dependent Tuition - -
Employee Anti-Drug and Alcohol Abuse - -
Employment of Minors - -
Family and Medical Leave (FMLA), Compliance With
Flexible Work
Games of Chance, Prohibition of - -
HIPAA, Compliance with Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act -
ID Card - -
Leave, Court and Jury Duty -
Leave, Expanded for Public Service Activities in Times of War/National Emergencies
Leave, Expanded Funeral/Bereavement in Times of War/National Emergencies -
Leave, Faculty Parental
Description Policy Procedures Forms
Leave, Faculty Research and Administrative
Leave, Funeral/Bereavement -
Leave, Military
Leave, Personal and Educational
Leave, Sick Time for Immediate Family Illness – Exempt Staff -
Leave, Sick Time for Personal or Immediate Family Illness – Non-exempt Staff -
Leave, Volunteer Emergency Service Activities -
New York State Disability Benefits and the Syracuse University Disability Benefits Plan
New York State Workers’ Compensation -
No Solicitation of or Distribution to Employees - -
Non-Discrimination and Anti-Harassment in Employment - -
Non-Discrimination and Equal Opportunity Policy Statement - -
Non-Discrimination in Employment on the Basis of Disability -
Nursing Mothers in the Workplace -
Outside Professional Consulting by Non-Faculty Employees - -
Paid Time Off, Break Time - -
Description Policy Procedures Forms
Paid Time Off, Floating Holidays -
Paid Time Off, General Provisions for Staff Employees -
Paid Time Off, Personal Business Days for Benefits Eligible Non-exempt Staff Employees - -
Paid Time Off, University and Bonus Holidays -
Paid Time Off, Vacation -
Reasonable Accommodation
Sexual Harassment Prevention -
Smoke-Free Workplace - -
Staff Complaint Process
Staff Employee Handbook - -
Staff Employee Workplace Standard - -
Syracuse University Computing and Electronic Communications -
Syracuse University Disability Benefits Policy
Termination and Severance - -
Voluntary Phased Retirement Program for Tenured Faculty -