Diversity Recruitment Resources

Utilizing the most appropriate venues to source staff vacancies is key to developing a diverse applicant pool for the vacancy your department is filling. For example, there are specific associations, publications and online media that target diversity-specific communities/groups. Coordinating your diversity recruitment efforts to include such resources will increase the likelihood of building diverse applicant pools for your department’s vacancies. There are also specific websites dedicated to professional diversity in minority groups. These sites may not be specific to recruiting, but offer valuable information on specific minority groups and associated events that may provide leads to other desirable sourcing options.

Developing the most effective diversity recruitment strategy for your department will be critical to creating and maintaining the desired mix of staff diversity on your team.

Key objectives for an effective recruitment strategy are:

  • Outreach to the most diverse candidate pools about your department’s employment opportunities at the time of posting or sooner
  • Attracting qualified candidates and enhancing the diversity of the applicant pool, specifically with regard to women and minorities
  • The development of a diversity recruitment strategy should include a formal review of your department’s current business processes (i.e. internal controls) and modifying them to complement your current diversity recruitment strategy

Before developing your recruitment strategy, it is recommended that you consult with SU resources such as the Recruitment Staff, the Office of Equal Opportunity, Inclusion, and Resolution Services, HR Representatives, and others as appropriate to gain as much insight on SU’s current diverse population and suggestions for your specific recruitment approach. You may contact us at jobopps@syr.edu.

Hiring managers and search committees who would like assistance in their efforts to develop a diversity recruitment strategy and/or diverse applicant pool should contact their assigned HR Recruitment Specialist.