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Syracuse University is a great place to teach, conduct research, and work. Whether you are part-time staff or tenured faculty, the Office of Human Resources is dedicated to providing you with the services, information, and support you need to succeed at SU. For more information about HR and what we do, contact the HR Service Center at (315) 443-4042 or email hrservic@syr.edu.

News and Announcements

2015 Performance Partnership Process

Syracuse University’s Performance Partnership process is an annual touch point for an ongoing process of communication between staff members and their supervisors. The webpages that detail the process, explain 2015 enhancements and contain links to the streamlined forms are now available for staff members and supervisors.  Additionally, we encourage all supervisors to attend a training session to further enrich the process.

Visit us at performance.syr.edu.

Mid-Year Changes to Benefits Coverage

If you experience a qualifying life event change during 2015, you may be eligible to make changes outside of the annual enrollment period, within 31 days of the event. Under Internal Revenue Service (IRS) regulations, there are certain qualified events related to family or employment status that permit you to make changes to your benefits. Examples of qualifying life events include marriage, divorce, death, the birth or adoption of a child, loss of benefit coverage, or loss of student status. In addition, the IRS allows an employee to drop coverage mid-year if his or her spouse’s Open Enrollment includes new coverage options not previously available.

If you experience such a life event and wish to make changes to your benefits, you must notify the Human Resources Service Center within 31 days of the event in order to make the change. Supporting documentation will be required, and if approved, the change will be effective as of the date of the qualifying change in status. If you do not report this change in status within 31 days of the event, you will not be able to change your coverage until the next annual Open Enrollment.

If you have any questions, please contact the HR Service Center at 315-443-4042.

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